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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Get Your App Together?

Get Your App Together is making mobile apps affordable and simple for small business. Our goal - We help Save business owners *time and money on their marketing while improving their bottom line. 

Who can benefit from having a mobile app?

Most any business or business professional can benefit from having a mobile app. A free consultation can determine if having a mobile App is right for your business.

What is an iPhone and Android application?

A Mobile application is a small computer program that runs on smart phones and tablets. Our applications work on all platforms, so you will not miss a customer.

What are some of the main features of GYAT?

  • Update your app instantly from your client dashboard
  • Directly market to customers through in-app messages and Push notifications
  • Create a social media buzz with our "Tell a friend" feature
  • Give customers GPS directions from anywhere in the world
  • Keep customers informed with your business news and deals
  • Provide customers with coupons right to their phones
  • Allow customers to directly contact your business quickly and easily
  • Build brand loyalty and encourage customers to become frequent buyers
  • Engage your customers , market your business, and make a mobile presence
  • Increase fans with Social media integration
  • Mobile e-commerce and Mobile food ordering system 
  • Be ahead of your competition 

​How can a mobile application help my business? 

Smart phones have taken the world by storm largely because of the applications that users are able to to download and use on their phone. They provide instant information and provide customers with a direct way to contact a business from their device. With our solutions, you can engage,inform,and impress your customers. We also provide solutions that are specifically designed to help build brand loyalty and create frequent buyers for your business with the use of check in coupon systems. At Get Your App Together we provide "Unlimited" Mobile loyalty coupons, specials and push notifications! 

How can you build brand-loyalty with your mobile app?

Get Your App Together is the ideal solution for small businesses looking to create brand loyalty and frequent buyers. We do so by providing small businesses with a mobile application that rewards customers for frequent visits through coupon rewards that are unlocked using our "check in VIP/Coupon system."

How does the check in VIP/Coupon system work?  ( Just like loyalty stamp cards but on your phone )

When a customer checks in at a business location, they will unlock a reward coupon for the 10th, 25th, 50th time they check in or what ever you choose. This coupon system is completely customizable anytime by the business and can be edited in real time via your client dashboard. 

These VIP Coupons will appear as images on the application and when used, they will be deleted with a push of a button on the user's phone by the employer to ensure a coupon is not used multiple times.This also removes the need for additional equipment to verify the coupon such as barcode scanners or unique coupon codes or paper cards and stamps. Customers like it because they won't have a stamped card they can loose. This system is extremely simple, cost efficient, and very effective for small businesses to build up brand-loyalty with their customers. equipment multiple 

How much does Get Your App Together cost?

Our mission is to help small businesses and we prove it by having the most comprehensive packages for the lowest prices available. Check out our affordable packages on this website! 

Does Get Your App Together submit my  App to iTunes and the Android App Stores?

Yes all Native Apps include publishing to iTunes and Google play stores by our professional staff at Get Your App Together. 

What's included with Get Your App Together?

  •  Personalized Mobile App Solution customized to your business and optimized for all platforms so you don't miss a customer! Your app will work on iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet's, Blackberry's and even windows phones. Don't settle for less somewhere else.
  • App submitted personally by our staff to the App Stores.
  • Lifetime support and maintenance of your App.
  • Regular updates and improvements to your App.
  • Powerful CMS account to update your App instantly.

How easy is it to use Get Your App Together?

  • Update your App instantly without any programming knowledge needed.
  • Need to change content in your app? no problem. Log in to your Get Your App Together client dashboard, make the change, and your App is instantly updated. Couldn't be easier.
  •  Send out Push/Text messages in real time
  • Create coupons and specials right from your client dashboard * You are in control of your App.
  • Ongoing Lifetime Support

How long does it take to have my Mobile App approved by Apple?

Get Your App Together can submit you iPhone app to the iTunes App Store and Android Market within 48 hours of completion of your App. Apple iPhone Apps take 7-10 days for approval.

What happens if Apple rejects my iPhone Application?

Get Your App Together works hard to ensure all our applications are accepted. We guarantee your application will be accepted to the iTunes App Store or your money back! 

How do I cancel my account with Get Your App Together?

It's easy just contact your representative directly to cancel your account.

How do push notifications work?

Want to notify your customers of a special or event? Get Your App Together allows you to send "push/text notifications" right to your customers iPhone or Android device. Log into your account, enter the information you want to send, and click send! Couldn't be easier!

  I have more questions?  Feel free to contact us by email or phone for any reason we are here to help.